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Push-up Board For Home Workout & More

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Get rid of all excuses stopping you from reaching your fitness goals! 
Meet the FitPure 9 in 1 Push Up Pro Board, a one-stop easy to use, portable solution to kickstart your fitness journey and make those gains.
  • Versatile 9 In 1 Configuration To Isolate Required Muscle Group.
  • Perfect To Maximise Gains Through Specific Muscle Engagement.
  • Targets Chest, Triceps, Back Shoulders All In One. 
  • Deep Muscular Involvement For Greater Rapid Results.
  • Ensure Proper Form In All Push Ups Resulting In Extensive Muscle Growth.
  • 5 Times More Muscle Engagement Than Traditonal Push Ups.   
  • Detailed Muscle Targeting Through Accurate Design & Configurations. 
  • Comfortable & Pain Free With Egronomic Handles. 
  • Innovative Color Coded Muscle Targeting System For Specifc Isolation.
  • Plug & Play The Ergonomic Handles For Various Configurations Easily.
  • Easy To Use & Begginer Friendly.

Experience the satisfaction of achieving your dream body and shock everyone. The FitPure 9 in 1 Push Up Pro Board is a portable, easy to use & convenient solution that will make you get those gains and pump those muscles.

  • 9 in 1 Versatile Configuration To Target The Chest, Triceps, Back & Shoulders.
  • Beginner Friendly Color Coded Muscle Targeting System For Ease Of Use.
  • Portable, Foldable & Convenient For Hassle-Free Storage.
  • Non-Slip Grip To Safely Workout On All Kinds Of Floors.
  • Safe, Solid & Durable, Made With Reinforced Premium ABS Plastic.
  • Premium Cushioned Comfort Grips That Ensure Comfortable, Pain-Free Use.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the Push Up Pro movement alongside thousands of fitness enthusiasts around the globe just like you!





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